Joining PSTA has never been easier!  With our variety of payment plans, there is a choice for everyone.

If you are currently a member on a monthly payment system and you need to update your card or bank information, call our office at 803-256-2065 or email us at [email protected]. Please do not fill out a membership application.

If you are a student and not employed by a school district, please choose the one time payment $10 student membership.

For a One Time Full Payment from your Credit Card Click Here

To Authorize Monthly Payments from your Credit Card on the 1st of Every Month Click Here.

To Choose Monthly Payments from your Credit Card on the 15th of Every Month Click Here

For Continuous Monthly Drafts from your Checking Account Click Here

If you would prefer to print out a hard-copy application to send by mail with your payment, click here

Please note, there is a fourteen day wait period before your liability coverage goes into effect.

After you join, you may update your membership information on-line on your personal profile site at any time, 24-7.  It's just that easy!