Professional Development Opportunities


Online Professional Development

PSTA is proud to offer our members access to a wide variety of online PD through our partnership with The World Continuing Education Alliance.  PSTA members may view PD workshops and sessions then print certificates to turn in to the school district certification office.  Click here to login.  If you have questions, please contact our office at 803-256-2065.


Contact our office to see what PSTA can offer your Teacher Forum or Faculty!

Executive Director Kathy Maness shares ways to be an advocate for your students and your profession in "Advocating for Your Students".  Director of Governmental Affairs Craig King presents "Ethics for Educators" as well as Classroom Management Seminars.  If you are interested in technology sessions, Director of Professional Development Jed Dearybury has a variety of workshops available for schools.  
All of our Senior Staff loves to visit colleges and speak to preservice teachers.  Just give us a call to schedule a time!
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What Can alt Do For Your Teacher Forum?

Free Professional Development Sessions on the following topics:


Advocating for Your Students

National Board Candidacy or Renewal

Legislative Issues

Ethics for Teachers


Technology in the Classroom

SKYPE in the Classroom

Tech Integration

Arts Integration

Inquiry Based Learning

Web 2.0

Contact us at 803-256-2065 or

alt is a crowd sourcing website just for public school teachers. Have an amazing idea for your students but do not have all the materials you need? is the the place to make your classroom dreams come true. Need just the basics? You can get that too! Learn from an expert who has received over $25,000 worth of materials through 107 funded projects. This experience will change your classroom and empower you to become an advocate for your students in a whole new way!

Click the image above to visit

GC Classroom

The world is shrinking every day thanks to the amazing technology we have through Skype and other free global connection tools. The learning experiences that are available to your students through these tools are endless. If you are interested in starting with the basics of Mystery Skype, advancing forward with classroom partnerships, or digging deeper with global collaboration projects and virtual field trips, this session is for you. This can be offered as a whole school PD session or as a model lesson in a classroom where teachers observe. This session must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance. A bad Skype call is better than a good worksheet any day!


 Research shows that all students, young/old, black/white, rich/poor, benefit from from the arts and creativity in classroom. It is time for all teaching to reflect that. Let’s ditch the textbooks for hands-on, engaging, creative, arts infused lessons. Any subject, any grade, this professional development session includes brainstorming ideas, growing staff creativity, observing model lessons, and more. Let us know what you need and we will craft a personalized learning experience for your school.

Tech Integration

Are you seeking new and exciting 21st Century tools to hook and engage learners in your classroom? Do you need apps, websites, and tech tools that are more than games and indoor recess tools? Do you need students in your classroom to share their learning with a finished product that was made digitally rather than with the traditional poster and diorama? Join this session to leave with a bag full of tricks to use with your students tomorrow. 


Twitter is the fastest growing social network of educators, yet many in the profession are still not tapping into this world-wide collaboration of teachers. Imagine planning, participating in, and leading your own professional development at your own pace and place. Every teacher knows their greatest professional need and Twitter is the place to get exactly the learning you need. Whether you have had a Twitter account for years or if you still think “tweeting” is what a bird does, this session is for you. Learn how the power of a being a globally connected educator can free your classroom from the boundaries of four walls and bring a world of learning to you and your students!


 For classroom teachers, one of the most important questions of one’s of practice: How do we create rich environments where all students learn at a high level? One useful tool, Norman Webb's Depth of Knowledge Levels, can help teachers meet that challenge. Depth of Knowledge (DoK) categorizes tasks according to the complexity of thinking required to successfully complete them. In this professional training session your staff will walk through the basics of DOK and learn some hands-on engaging strategies to bring depth of knowledge and understanding to your lessons.


Have you heard a about Arts Infused Inquiry Based Learning (AIIBL™), but really have no clue where to start? Lily Sarah Grace, LSG, is leading the way in educating teachers in this process and helping them get the funding they need for their arts integrated, inquiry based projects. Want to take your students to deeper depths of knowledge, Jed Dearybury serves on the board for the organization and can walk your staff through an introduction to AIIBL™ and the LSG grant writing process. Click the image above to visit their website and learn more about this incredible organization. (Grants only available to under funded elementary schools at this time.)

 If you are interested in any of the above professional development experiences, please contact
PSTA Director of Professional Development & Communications, Jed Dearybury at

Looking for Read to Succeed Courses?

PBS TeacherLine course RDLA152 is now approved as a SC Read to Succeed (R2S)Foundations in Reading course! RDLA152, An Intro. to Underlying Principles and Research for Effective Literacy Instruction, has long been one of TeacherLine’s most popular and well-regarded courses, and now it will provide even more value!
The Foundations in Reading course is one of four required to earn the R2S Literacy Teacher Endorsement which all SC educators certified in the following areas must earn within two certificate renewal cycles:
  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary
  • Special Education (all categories)
  • Montessori (PK-5K, Elementary I, and Elementary II)
  • ESOL (if primary area of certification).
Course Overview:
  • Delivered online via flexible, 6-week schedule
  • Active facilitator guidance and engaging peer collaboration
  • Available year-round for individual enrollment (or as a private course for 20+ educs)
  • Earns 60 SC Renewal Credits or 3 Graduate Credits
  • Price varies depending on credit choice and any discounts offered at the time of enrollment
    (Ex: 3 GC can be earned as low as $585 depending on accrediting partner chosen; price could be even lower if a discount is offered.)
Learn more at


Would you Like to Lend Support to the Next Generation?

Columbia College CLIMB Mentoring Program

Do you want to make a difference in a young person’s life? If you said “YES!” then we have an opportunity for you!
 As an education professional, we know you are passionate about helping others learn and develop.  One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to do just that is to serve as a mentor and share what you have learned in career and life with another. 
Columbia College has had a formal mentoring program (CLIMB) that pairs its Women’s College students with Midlands area professional women for many years.  In 2013, the College made this program an integral and mandatory part of each student’s experience. 
Columbia College is actively looking for additional mentors; women who are willing to share the zig zags of their careers, to help guide young women as they begin their undergraduate journey, and to become a person of influence in a young woman’s life. 
This program is easy to join and participate in – 5 hours a semester is the relationship goal.  Some face to face, a bit texting and calling will get the job done and add immeasurable benefit to both the student and to you. 
A few of the noted benefits are listed below, but we also know that you will put your own spin on it!  We are so grateful to our existing 300+ mentors, but need more as we continue to enroll bright young women! 
 Mentor Benefits 
·         Personal and professional growth and development 
·         Enhancement of coaching, leadership, teaching and communications skills
·         Personal satisfaction by helping a student develop professional skills
·         Exposure to new ideas and perspectives
·         Exposure to the emerging talent pool
 Mentee Benefits  
·         Develop contacts and create a network with local business people and 
          Columbia College graduates
·         Increase confidence and preparation for the workplace environment
·         Learn to set goals and achieve personal objectives
·         Opportunity to discuss challenges and receive advice from experienced  
·         Develop a relationship with a trusted advisor and role model who can provide
 We hope you consider supporting this program to help our young women CLIMB!  For more information about the Columbia College Mentoring Program click here:  


Awaken Their Spirit to Learn, and Yours to Teach

American College of Education is founded by educators, for educators. We offer online master’s and doctorate degrees, as well as certificate programs for educators and paths to new teacher licensure. As the fourth largest Degrees Conferred in the U.S, we have 20+ programs to choose from based on your interests and career aspirations.
 STEM jobs are growing at a fast pace; we must prepare students for careers in these fields by helping them explore ideas through project-based assignments and work within an environment that fosters hands-on scientific inquiry.
A Master of Education in STEM Leadership will help you empower students to think like scientists.  The program was designed in conjunction with The National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) and Accelerate Learning, provider of STEMScopes learning tools, and leads campuses and districts toward a National Certificate for STEM Excellence.
 Want to know our learning objectives? Here are the big ideas you will learn as a student in the Master of Education in STEM Leadership program.
 Inspire Real Scientific Inquiry
STEM education should effective, project-based learning that includes thorough training in digital applications. Lead teachers to adopt inquiry-based learning and identify
gaps in students’ knowledge and skills. Understand how knowledge transfers so students have a holistic view of STEM concepts.
Back It Up with Data
Take your assessment strategies to the next level. Learn to effectively use data and ongoing assessments so you can help students to meet and exceed established goals. Choose the right manipulatives and other teaching strategies to meet students at their performance level and scaffold assignments to where you want them to be. Use peer-reviewed qualitative and quantitative research to make practical and effective interventions in your classroom.
Become a STEM Leader
Learn to take your place at the table as an educational leader and advocate. Research the state of STEM at your campus or district, and develop effective improvement and accountability plans. Become a mentor to newer teachers, contribute to the conversation online, network with like-minded professionals, and publish your ideas and observations.
To learn more about this program visit



Educators, Need to renew your teaching certificate this June or maybe just your teaching spirit? PBS has options for you!
First, get those recertification credits covered with a PBS TeacherLine course! Both Renewal and Graduate Credits are offered.
Sample Courses Scheduled:
  • SCIE607    Accomplished Science Teaching: Letting Science Lead
  • RDLA152   (R2S approved)  An Intro. to Underlying Principles & Research for Effective Literacy Instruction
  • MATH165   Enabling Students with Special Needs to Succeed in Math Class
  • TECH195   Graphic Organizers for 21st Century Learning
  • INST120     Digital Lesson Planning for Differing Learning Styles
For your teaching spirit:
  • While you’re waiting on that lounge remodel, go hang out instead at the PBS Teachers’ Lounge.
    There, you’ll find new ideas, the latest buzz, tech tools, and more.
    Reading a few blog posts and realizing you’re not alone is an immediate spirit boost!

  • Next, search for what ails you, maybe finding a new way to teach about integers, the Colonial Era, or biomes.
    Watch a few PD videos too, perhaps about Discussions & Questioning Techniques or Planning and Preparation.
    It’s all free at PBS LearningMedia.
Bolstered yet?
  • Move forward with a PBS TeacherLine ‘mini’ self-paced course.
    These fast, flexible and focused courses will spark new ideas, expand your skill set, and energize your classroom!
    The Leadership series courses are FREE; the others only $49!

Sample Self-Paced Courses (enroll anytime):

  • LEAD1115    Program Reviews: Arts and Humanities
  • MATH1025   Perceptions of Mathematical Patterns
  • TECH1215   Integrating Technology into Project Based Learning
  • SOST1011   Developing Chronological Reasoning Skills
  • SCIE1005    Demographic Dynamics
~~ Be inspired. Finish the year strong. Teach Boldly! ~~

SCETV is your local partner for PBS TeacherLine, the premier provider of PreK-12 online professional development.


Upcoming Workshops and Sessions

National Board Renewal Candidate Workshop:

 Palmetto State Teachers Association will be hosting a National Board Renewal Workshop. The workshop is for teachers who are thinking about or currently renewing their National Board Certification. Topics covered will focus on the four areas required for renewal. The workshop will be held at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill on May 20, from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM.  The cost is $25.00 for members and $50 for non-members. It will be led by PSTA Past-President Dr. Jeff Venables. 

Jeff is a 2013 S. C. Honor Roll Teacher who teaches at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, SC.  He was the Northwestern High School Teacher of the Year and Rock Hill Schools Teacher of the Year 2012-2013. He recertified with National Board in 2010 and has scored renewal entries for the past five years.

Email for more information.

National Board Renewal Awareness session:

The South Carolina National Board Network (SCNBN) holds NB Renewal meetings across the state. These meetings are free of charge and are open to any NBCTs in the state.  If you'd like to schedule a meeting in your area, call Toni Chewning or Craig King at 803-256-2065 or email .

 For more information, contact